Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Vogue Dress # 8876 Just Released

Hot off the presses, a new dress pattern:  Vogue 8876.  I'm posting photos from Vogue as well as photos I took.  For this sleeveless version I used a fantastic Japanese cotton, a gestural abstract print on a beautiful quality cotton.  I'm in love with these Japanese artisan fabrics, we have a big shipment coming next week.  Check back on the website for postings, will photograph and post them as soon as they arrive, and I've ordered extra to bring to the Puyallup Sewing Expo.  

In Japanese Cotton

The back has a super flattering shape...even for large hipped women!

The dress closes with a long separating zipper.  This was a very fun fabric to work with, planned the center front panel so the dots run down the edge of the zipper.  The collar has a casing with a ribbon threaded through it.

The Little Black Dress 
This version is in black linen, one of my favorite basic fabrics.  I used a semi-sheer crinkle woven plaid poly for the bottom band, sleeve and little puffer sleeve cap.
The models are super TALL....I did not adjust the samples, so you'll want to adjust the length for your height.  

My photo of the dress.  This version uses a separating zipper as a closure.
You can also vary the look by wearing  it as a coat/duster over skinny pants and tank top.

Cut the little 'puffer' sleeve cap on the bias.

Printed Linen
We have a collection of these spectacular digitally printed linens that just arrived, including the very fabric I used on the pattern envelope shown below.  
This version closes with buttons & buttonholes.

Cutting the little puffer sleeve cap on the bias makes it mould and shape beautifully in any fabric.

6 different designs and color ways.  Each one is spectacular and tricky to photograph.  Limited quantity.  Expensive.  Spectacular.  

Marcy's Version
in a French Cotton
For my own dress, I used one of our French cottons from last season for the body of the dress and black dotted swiss for the sleeve, puffer and bottom band.  Sorry, both of these fabrics are sold out...I sewed this dress back in July 2012.

Alex's Version
in another Japanese cotton
My friend Alex came to spend the week last summer while I was developing the pattern and made a version in another wonderful Japanese cotton....sorry, this fabric sold out, but the collection from the current collection is coming very soon.  The Japanese cottons are expensive and they are wonderful.  They are produced in small lots, so when they sell out, that's it.  

Sewing Tips
This dress is fun and easy to sew.  As always, I cut 1" seam allowances at the side seams on the body and the sleeve as fitting insurance....just in case.

For the zipper version, the trick to making it easy is Wonder Tape.

Apply the double sided wonder tape to the zipper.

Then peel away the other layer and stick the zipper to the garment.  You can re-position easily and can sew right through it, the tape remains soft and flexible.
I love this stuff!

Up next....and on my design table:
Making this design as a vest.  To do this, I'll alter the pattern by eliminating the bottom band and deepening the armhole by 1/2".  I usually narrow the shoulder seam width when making a vest from a jacket or dress....will make that decision as I sew, and will finish the armhole edge with bias binding.

Using this fabric, a Japanese polyester called On the Dot (not much of this left).  I know I'll always wear a black vest, and I like the smooth & silky hand with  so the vest will slide on easily over other garments.  
Stay tuned, will post photos when it is done. 
I love the idea of layering the vest over the dress!  


  1. Absolutely Brilliant! Can't wait for the pattern to arrive.
    Thank you for the info packed post Marcy.

  2. I love to see what you have done with the pattern. So cool. I,m thinking of it but feel a little intiimidated!!! Thanks for all the ideas.

  3. On my list of "must haves" for the spring! Thanks, Marcy!

  4. Those are some really pretty versions, Marcy! One of my friends plans to make this as a duster.

  5. Beautiful, and great to see the variety of versions. Your choice of fabrics is divine.

  6. Love this! I bought (from you) some of the fabric your friend Alex used. Mine is fairly heavy -- pant weight, I would think; I would have thought it is too heavy for this dress. Is her fabric that heavy? It looks very nice made into this pattern.

  7. This dress can take different weights of fabric. Alex's dress is a relatively beefy cotton (think a really nice not too light denim) and it worked really well as did linen. Of course I want to try it in a knit, maybe a ponte. This is one of the rare designs where you could use a quilting weight cotton, tho I find most of those don't have prints that I'd use for clothing....the Japanese cottons are mostly sold in quilt stores.

  8. Creatrix Bless You Marcy!!!!

    i can't tell you the trouble i have finding flattering, nice fitting patterns that actually make sense in my life. i've got an hourglass shape with very wide shoulders so i need a fair amount of shaping thru the torso or i look like william 'the refrigerator' perry, at the same time i have nerve damage so just 'going tight' aggravates things to the point i won't wear the clothes. Knits are great, but during our 110F + summers a nice woven linen is just the ticket.....and i almost forgot i want to look beautiful, intelligent and fabulously stylish (heehee).

    IOW this design is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!! i'm not even going to apologize for the all caps ;) i'm personally looking forward to making a couple up as little slvlss/cap slv tops in liteweight linens and cottons for summer :), as well as dress and duster versions. I hope i can snag some of that drop-dead gorgeous linen while it lasts!

    I also appreciate the wonderful variety of prints and colors you offer in various apparel fabrics. With my coloring i prefer warmer mid tones in low contrast designs, some muted and some clear....when i enter a store i'm lucky if 5% of what they offer meets these parameters. Most times i can't find anything. What a luxury to find a place where i have a variety of options!

    In a perfect world i could spend thousands of dollars at your store - but in this one, which aint' so bad, i'll just have to shower you with lavish praise! Happy Saturday and give 'The Big V' a nice snorgle from me, steph

  9. Finally! A dress I think I can wear that will look good on my body shape and be comfortable in too!

    Most dresses just never measure up to what I need to be comfortable when I know I'll be wearing it for up to 10 hrs straight. I believe this may be the one though.

    LOVE the design, just lovely in all the different fabrics. Can't wait to start sewing once the pattern arrives.

  10. I have just added your new pattern to my wish list at Love the long sleeved version and was totally smitten by the out of print fabric in purple/grey/black.

  11. My darling husband listens again and again as I verbally swoon over your pattern variations! THIS is why I sew, Marcy et al.....Your work inspires and delights me. Keep going!!
    Aless-in Australia

  12. Love this pattern. I am sewing my first one and wondering about placement of the zipper. I purchased a 26" zipper but do I place
    it one inch from the bottom of pattern piece 15? If I do, I have about an inch from top and bottom. Thanks!