Friday, May 24, 2013

Loving Linen: Weekend LINEN SALE & Pleating Linen Tutorial

Loving Linen

Day 1 in Paris, perfect spring weather and a bit of fabric shopping, what could be better!
I wore basic black with my new pleated linen jacket and the vendeuse (saleswoman) in the most elegant fabric shop in Paris immediately remarked on it, spun me around to see the back and was tickled to discover that I had made it.
'Tres Chic', she said!

The ancient Egyptians wore pleated linen garments. 

My linen jacket ended well, but started badly
pleating saves the day...

Memorial Weekend kicks off the summer sewing season, and for many of our customers it is a sewing weekend.  To celebrate, we are offering many of our beautiful linens on sale at a substantial discount, including Armani and Italian linens.  
Sale starts now and ends at midnight on Tuesday, May 28.   
Have fun shopping and sewing.

I'm going into the studio to make a printed linen pant!


  1. Marcy you are so fun! I can't wait to see the printed linen pants. I've been scouring my stash and want to make a pair of "Party Pants", but haven't landed on the right fit or fabric combo yet. I just seam ripped a pair of my fav yoga pants and made a pattern from them. Pulled out my aged babylock serger and (wonder of wonders it worked). So now I have aqua seams on charcoal medium T-shirt knit. And, I'm watching your & Katherine's Craftsy class. I just wish I knew what to call this charcoal knit. It's a stockinette - knit stitches on the right side, purl on the wrong and it does tend to roll a little (a normal tendency of a stockinette knit). But, it's thicker than most jersey's and not very drapey. It's more like - well heavier than the chainlink fence fabric you girls had for sale at Sew Expo. But along those lines. Anyway, totally loving your class even though I've sewn the pattern and worked with knits for a while. I'm learning new things and I really appreciate all the little tips you and Katherine offer. I like how you teach so much. And yes, I will be leaving a review on Craftsy. I've taken several other classes there but your class and the one by Mercedes Tarasovich Clark are my top favs. Happy sewing!

  2. I just LOVE this pleated linen jacket!! What a terrific idea. I can't wait to try it out. I'm Alice in Oakland, don't know how to change "Unknown" to my name!!