Friday, January 24, 2014

Catching Up

Catching Up
It has been a full couple of weeks since I returned from OZ.  
Blogging fell by the wayside.
Kind of like Richard Nixon, (but not really),  I came back tanned and rested.  
Loved the people and the places and the pace of life.
My tan is fading and peeling, but am feeling relaxed, energized and inspired.  
Missing the daily dips in the pool and the endless supply of fresh mangos.
Learned to cook with a secret (to me) ingredient: kaffir lime leaves....yum, they add a taste I've been craving and suddenly my cooking tastes better.
Kaffir leaves grow on bushes there, I brought back a supply, but now must order online.
It was so hot and humid, I have a renewed appreciation for the right kinds of clothes.  
My most work garment was an Indian cotton kurta tunic, kept the sun off, very light, hardly touches the body.  I wore it to go 'out', slept in it, wore it in the pool to keep the sun off.
Now I have a weakness for really fine cottons, watch the site for more of these.

Back home I've been sewing for future Vogue patterns, can't show those yet.
A skirt and a very cool coat scheduled for Fall (out in July).
Stay tuned, I WILL post a tutorial on a detail in a future blog.
Hoping to get some personal sewing done for the Puyallup Sewing Expo.

As I sew and take photos, I've been listening to a book that I did not want to end.  
Called The Hundred Foot Journey, it had me engrossed until the last page.  Family, France, food,  cooking, a restaurant in Paris and a lovable protagonist.  
It lasted until nearly the end of the coat project with a few photo sessions too.    

1... 2... 3...
The word came in from my wonderful editor at Vogue.
The two most recent Marcy patterns are #1 and #2 best sellers in this release period.
Here at the ArtBarn we know many of you are sewing these because of the orders that are piling in!
We've got more meshes, knits, pontes, cottons, silk, linens & blends that will work for these designs coming in soon, new shipments almost every day.  
sections on the website.
ALSO, we are receiving re-orders on some of the popular sold out fabrics.  
Vogue 8975
Vogue 8982

Pattern Review Best Patterns of 2013
Vogue 8904
was voted #3
Thank you Pattern Review, love the interpretations they show, click on the link above to see everything.
This dress works on many figures and I've also sewn it as a top.
BIG Fabric Shipment
First we get the warning call from UPS Freight that they are coming.
They send a semi, and even though this is a big shipment, it does not fill up the truck.
Usually the driver parks across the street in front of my neighbor's red barn which you can see in the photo.  
Then we bring our vehicles across the road, load up the fabrics and drive them down the driveway to the receiving building.
When the truck arrives we all kick into gear.
This time it is Johnny, a new driver who is willing to back down the driveway.
We immediately start serenading him with 'Johnny Angel'
Shelley stands in the road to ward off traffic and guide him in.
The power line is a concern......
JUST cleared it....
....cheering off in the distance!
Squeeked in thru the gate!
Made it close in for an easy delivery and receiving!
2 tons of fabric
2 pallet loads
25 big cartons
Ready to open the boxes and sort the fabrics.
Left to right:
Beth, Diane (our newest team member), Shelley, Johnny, Marcy and Vasco.

All the fabrics fit into our compact/petite receiving 'warehouse'.
I've been sorting and organizing and photographing all week
....with regular sewing-in-the-studio intervals, for as my friend Mary says, 'a little sewing every day makes things much better'.

Fabric are sorted, priced, re-sorted, named and organized for photography.
This time of the year we sort for fabrics to take to the Puyallup Sewing Expo
 (only 1 month away), and for the website.
We have been having a great time making Cool Combos for the website & Expo,
 see below for some of the new offerings with more to come.


  1. Welcome home, sounds like you had a wonderful trip, but glad you are home safe. What an ordeal with the shipment, but gotta love those UPS guys, my son works for them, he doesn't drive a truck, but I am going to relay this story to him.

  2. Good to hear about your trip to a warm climate. Since I live in hot, humid Houston I'm glad you'll be ordering some appropriate fabrics. I mainly sew silk,cotton,rayon and linen so I'm anxious to see what you order. Enjoy your blog and excellent service!


  3. Wow! Johnny IS an angel! That delivery looks like fun for all! Can't wait to peruse the new fabrics!!!

  4. going to India on Wednesday: will be looking for kurtas and fabric. thanks for the update...

  5. Woo hoo!! Fine cottons coming up- love them here in South Aus. too!!

  6. Beautiful fabrics! I can imagine many UPS drivers have been eagerly thanked by fabric delivery recipients (me!) but it's probably the first time one has been photographed with the delivery!